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the type of hairthat you've got then simply continuedoing this till you've got no additional hairleft to feature i am attempting to stay thesections as shut as potential to everyother thus you do not have like every weirdgaps therefore the half|better part} is you extremelydon't want any officer pins thus simply goback in and simply begin propulsion apart alittle bit of hair is simply reasonably outso you see sort of a little bit of curlshere and also there and there we've got it forthe 1st one like I aforementioned it'sridiculously simple simply because the curledhair has most texture it simply willthe hairstyle for you all you would like could be acouple of hair ties andtied-off wherever you wish it to be andthen simply reasonably going there should seeit up even additional terribly in suspense and rock riskI am passionate about it therefore the other goes tobe also an updo however rather than hairgoing up we're gonna reasonably have thehair planning to the facet simply reasonablycascading down we're simply gonna use thusmebobby pins and i am victimization my betta grippremium officer pins this can be simply the goldor bronze ones and a bit like the regularaverage length size thus we're gonna startfrom the terribly back thus i am simply pickingup the hair i am simply reasonably clamping itdown and sort of a French twist and i amgonna be operating section by section i amgonna be reasonably overlapping on prime ofthe hair from beneath simply reasonablygiving it that like reasonably updo lookgoing towards the prime so onceyou're done promise i am simply gonna goback in so simply reasonably take apartsome of the curls to administer it a bitbit additional volume therefore the additional you pullapart the additional volume you are gonna havecuz you would like a pleasant and tight and thusboom within the front as compared to likeyour regular flat straight hair this can beridiculously simple to place along withvery nominal work consequent foot goesto be reasonably sort of a low elegant updothis one's super cute super simple all youneed is a transparent elastic or a hair timeand i am gonna take the hairs i am gonnakind of scrunch the hair down thus it'snot too crazy poofy within the prime thus once Ihave all of that along i am gonna tieit off with a clear elastic into aponytail within the back confirm you don'ttie up the hairdo too tight becausenow you'll be able to simply reasonably split it on thevery prime of the hairdo reasonably in [*fr1]is bring the hairdo through reasonablycreate a Topsy tail and thus

well 10dency to|we tend to}lcome back my lovelies apprehend|i do understand} youguys are amorous that chops toKarla associate degreed you guys we have a tendency tore asking andbegging to bring you guys hairstyleswith super curled hair and nowadays yourdreams arasure} coming back truemy dreams ar coming back true i would get supercurly hair and that i produce and provides youguys ten simple|very simple} hairstyles for curledhair if it's natural or unnatural likemine let's begined|start} thus let's begin bycurling during this head if your hair isalready naturally curled will|you'll|you'll be ready to} skipthis step will be} a chopsticks roller|roller|crimper|mechanical device} bylee stafford as will|you'll|you'll be able to} see it's extremelytiny reasonably resembles a chopsticks bythe manner I contacted Lee Stafford andthey gave United States of America a coupon code of 100% off ifyou do need to buy this on Amazonso if you're gonna curl your hair like Iam can|you'll|you may} want heap|tons|plenty|heaps|loads|a great deal} of patiencebecause it'll take whereas|a short time|a minute|a moment|a jiffy|a short while} and thusyou will want loads of warmth protectantI'm victimization the roll roll EO thenblow-dry heat styling protectant and itprotects up to 425 degrees Fahrenheitand that may advise for you to use theglove as a result of|simply as a result of} this one is long andyou are you able to understand wrap and hold the curlon the one thus i am taking smallersections as will|you'll|you'll be able to} see like [*fr1] aninch a lot of|less|no additional} you'll be able to do even less thusI'm simply gonna take the wand and simplyplace it down and then wrap the hairaround and i am wrapping it faraway from itshold up to ten seconds and let gothis is why i prefer victimization like loveespecially these very little}}} baby hairs inthe front he is terribly handy let me showyou what it's like from the front tothe back i am planning to apply bit|a bit}little little bit of hairspray all around myhair and let the curls set and funky offfor concerning ten to fifteen minutes then goback in and we have a tendency to're gonna pull apart thehair thus to tug apart the curls I useeither thusme kind of oil a Koreandefining curl texture simply facilitate|to assist} pullapart the curls and to stay them nicelyhydrated and glossy and bouncy in order that myhair is is sweet and curled i am still notused to the present cuz my hair is primarily fineand flat and bent and straight we have a tendency to'regonna produce thusme hairstyles for thereally curled haired lady let's do thisthe 1st one goes to be fake|a fake|a pretend} hawkI love my fault Fox and you may wantsome clear elastics and perhaps thusme police officerpins i do not know nevertheless we have a tendency to'll see if weneed to tame the hair down a bitso the primary section i am grabbing isright before of the ears all the mannerup and i am meeting my hands right within themiddle of my head to reasonably simply strive tosmooth down facets|the edges|the perimeters} thus it isn't goingtoo crazy a bit like that that is good thusyou're gonna take your clear elastic tieit off once through the second time placeit simply [*fr1]way through a bit like thatso next simply continue grabbing sectionsyou can grab smaller you'll be able to grab largersections all depends on

 we're gonna return to the opposite facetouter section underneath the center 1st andthen we're gonna add hair to it middlesection that we simply crossed over addsome hair to the center section clean itup and so tighten it all togetherother facet underneath the center pull and addthe hair right to the center so outersection underneath the center and so addhair to it middle portion one moretime alright therefore the same issue with theprevious hairstyle rather than fastening thebraids off you are gonna take the outertwo sections and simply pin them withbobby pins simply to secure the entirebraid i am gonna do constant issue oneach side if you recognize the way to braidalready this can in all probability take you acouple of minutes like 2 minutes atmost and there we've got it for this one Ithink this one's more of sort of aneveryday Jim it may be more of like anactive hair stuff cuz your hair is alittle bit out of your face i like thisone what can we suppose so this next one isalso gonna be another faux hawk you guysknow i like those and curled hair in fauxhawks once more match created in heavenso for this one you may need bobby pinsand for a curled hair I counsel the biglong ones and this can be by constant brandmatter grip so here's the long one andhere's the regular sized ones it doesn'thave any ridges is simply one long bigbobby pin they're unbelievable all rightso it's gonna grab section by sectionI'm gonna bring it simply a bit bitpast temple area and secure it with abobby pinso because I even have this weird party linehere i am going to take the hairs i amgonna split the curls first and soI'm gonna intertwine them if you would likeparty hairstyle this one is it i like itit is ludicrously very rocker s i am inloveI suppose hobbies and appearance - affirmative this nextone goes to be a double top knot soyou want to separate your hair right downthe middle so once you've got it within themiddle you split into 2 sectionsyou're simply gonna start discovering eachside towards the highest wherever you want yourtop dotty to be clear elastic and i amjust gonna do constant precise issue pullit through all the way once and so thesecond time simply pull it out half wayjust like that simply leave it there fornow and i am gonna do constant issue onthis side however cute is thatalright somebody's gonna return in andI'm gonna pull it apart the particular minitop knots virtually that is it it is soeasy and this can be what I mean by curlyhair does it for you i ponder several timesalready aforementioned that in all probability ten timesyou're welcome for the ninth hairstyleI'm going to keep it compound within themiddle and then what we're gonna dowe're gonna actually braid 3 braidson both sides but this is gonna be likethe regular 3 strand braid withoutadding hair into it so it's gonna beeasier so for the primary one divide itinto 3 sections like an everyday braidyou can couple over it you'll be able to do undermoon to over and then simply braid it offso am I gonna tie it off simply becauselike curls have such a lot texture simply letit be so then the sexed braid is goingto be below this braid and then it'sgonna go right behind the ear so do thesame precise issue simply three sections andlike a regular braid alrightand then this last section you are gonnaget it from the remainder of the hair to themiddle party in the back you are gonnastart up at the very first while you aregonna put a right in the middle betweenthe second and the third braids rightthere and simply kind of tighten it scene your 2 bobby pins and then justsecure the 2

we're gonnago back in and we're gonna take sectionsyou can take hugeger or smaller sectionsand you are gonna bring them through theponytail furthermore through the center thusyou can leave it like this type of givea sort of a really bohemian romantic lookor you'll be able to take mini officer pins and i amgonna take the hair and simply virtuallytuck it into the up to then Gorchboys the prime wherever the crown could be and simplypull apart simply a bit bit to administer itmore volume and simply the general additionalvoluminous look if you are into that kindof issue and there we've got it anothersuper easy hairstyle and it's terriblysimilar to what I had in my wedding howeverthis one is a lot additional curled and additionaltexture that i like it's ludicrouslyelegant unchanged and terribly stunning andthe better part is like I aforementioned it's terriblysimple my hair simply keeps gettingcrazier and crazier wherever I touch itthis next one's planning to be extremelysimple a really high prime knot so i am simplygonna grab the hair you'll be able to grab aslittle or as big of an a region as youwant check is obvious elastic and sojust do a sort of just like the [*fr1] prime currentlybasically pull it all the manner throughonce and so the second time simply pullit halfway through once I pull half mannerthrough space you are gonna go into and simplymessy it up i like this one it's sogirly however what does one guys suppose keep itlike this or put sort of a cute little cuffaround it affirmative the hair is trying moreand more charming so this next one youguys know I even have to incorporate some braidsinto this because braids and curls it'slike a match created in heavenalright so for the braid i am gonna starton the section that has less hair so onthe deeper part and we're gonna startbraiding i am gonna do a French braid youcan do no matter braids you wish so aFrench braid is wherever you are taking the outersection over the centeralright so currently let's add some hair sowhat i prefer to try to to 1stbefore I place the outer section downand then I grab hair with this sectionclean it up and produce it over at themiddle place it down the outer sectiongrab some hair clean it up and so takethat new section that we've got and we'regonna bring it over the center and soI'm simply gonna continue doing this untilI reach reasonably like the back of my earso once I reach behind the ear i am gonnastop braid and i am not gonna tie itoff it's gonna be kind of sort of a braidbut simply kind of disperses in 2 waysyou're simply gonna take too several officerpins and simply seehere 2 of the surface sections and toreally help the braid stay in situ onceyou secure with the officer pins have thebobby pins with the ridges go towardsthe braid rising currently down or facetwaysfrom rising which completes thisone the mini braid on the facet provides amore of a refined in suspense elegant look atthe same time it's really teasing sohair cell limit of seis is planning to be atriple Dutch braids alright so once yougrab your section divided into 3parts and a Dutch braid as you guys knowyou take the outer section underneath themiddle while not adding in your 1stouter section underneath the center all rightso

 ends take the second oneand we're gonna bring it rightunderneath same issue with the bobbypins going horizontally against and thentaking the last 2 braids you're justgonna take it just straight down kind ofon top of the second braid and just takeit beneath that braid so i am gonna dothe same issue on this side furthermore sothree braids one on the highest one on theside and then one in the very back andthen just mix constant way as we didthe first one i am gonna return in withthe last two rays that I did basicallythe ones in the back the middle ones aregoing downI'm gonna go loosen them a lot just togive it a little bit more volume andtexture and dimension and here we go forhairstyle range 9 i like this onebecause with the braids on both sides isjust a awfully forgiving updo it lookssuper cute very elegant and it's perfectfor basically anyplace for a specialevent for the office for work for thegym anytime anyplace anywhere last butnot least we're gonna do a awfully highponytail literally all you've got to dojust develop your hair wherever you wantyour hairdo to be and since we areshorter particularly when it's curled likethis we are gonna ought to use like bobbypins and I'm gonna return up to theponytail and just pull it apart geteven crazier i do know that is a supersimple hairstyle except for my hair that issuper fine dilution flat i might neverbe able to do thisI love the quantity i like the texturethat it provides now really appreciate thischapstick curler wonderful and thatconcludes my 10 super easy hairstylesfor curly hair that I achieved with mychapstick color if not that curly hairand even higher if you already havethose natural curls save the timepatience and energy for curling yourhair I hope you guys enjoyed this videothank you such a lot for observance let meknow which of them were your favorite andlike comments down below and for nowI'll see you guys consequent one I loveyou all a great deal bye

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